Arpitha P-tr

Ms. Arpitha Parameswaran

Supervisor - Grade 8

Ms. Arpitha Parameswaran, Educational Supervisor, oversees the education and well-being of our talented students at their exit point in Middle School. A passionate Teacher of English, she joined OOD in 2013 with the Secondary Department and served  as the Head of the Department before taking up the role of Grade 8 Supervisor in March 2016. 

Arpitha has a Masters in Teaching of English as a Second Language from EFLU (English and Foreign Languages University), Hyderabad and Diploma in Educational Administration and Management. She thoroughly enjoys the adventure of ‘sharing the learning’ with the dynamic teenagers under her care. A literary enthusiast, who enjoys performing arts, she loves training students for various Inter-School Competitions. The Moral Education Coordinator of the School, she believes that education should prepare one for life, not just for examinations. She, with her team, is committed to provide an innovative, collaborative and a high-energy learning environment.

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