Sindhu Ramesh-tr

Ms. Sindhu Ramesh

Supervisor - Grade 9

A passionate teacher of Mathematics, Ms. Sindhu Ramesh has been with GEMS for close to two decades now. With over a decade of teaching experience in the Middle School, she took up the mantle of Educational Supervisor and moved to Our Own Dubai. Armed with a Master’s Degree in Mathematics and Bachelor’s Degree in Education, she believes that academic performance of students directly correlates with their love for the subject. Therefore, she endeavors to build all academic and co-curricular programmes for her students with the aim to build a great rapport between teachers and students. 

Sindhu leads her team with the motto “A Good Leader is a Good Listener” and this is reflected in the myriad footfall in her office. She loves reading and the School Library is her favorite haunt. A passionate Toastmaster, she is one of the founding members of GEMS Our Own Dubai Toastmasters Club.

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