Roopashree S-tr

Ms. Roopashree Sateesh

Supervisor - Grade 4

Ms. Roopashree Sateesh, the Educational Supervisor, is a master’s degree holder in English literature and a qualified teacher with a bachelor’s degree in Education. Hailing from Bangalore, India, Roopashree has worked across phases and in various capacities both in India and the UAE and has a rich experience in education spanning three decades. 

In her third year at GEMS and OOD, Roopashree believes there is no looking back as she enjoys being with the 8-year olds and says that ‘each new dawn is a new beginning’ as it brings new learning to her. A sports enthusiast, she believes that games are the pathway to academic success. Her energy and positivity stem from her association with the young students and in turn she motivates them to be good value-based learners.

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