GEMS OOD is Certified

GEMS OOD is now a Microsoft Showcase School.

We have been recognized for our innovative use of technology with the help of Microsoft solutions, to drive a positive impact with future ready skills by adapting 21st Century Learning Design. Microsoft solutions accompanied by data insights provided guidance for education improvements and visibility into progress towards a digital transformation vision.

We owe our success hugely to the school leadership team who played a major role in building a school-wide vision to foster a culture of learning and growth mindset among the teaching fraternity.

At OOD all our teachers are certified Microsoft Innovative Educators (MIE). Our teachers influence each other and thus we see a growing number of Microsoft Innovative Educator Experts (MIEE). The numbers of Microsoft Innovative Educator Trainers (MIT) amidst us is also going up.




For the 9th consecutive year, GEMS OOD has retained its place as a Common Sense School. The badge symbolizes the school’s commitment to teaching using effective technology tools, thus helping students to think critically and use technology responsibly.

Through a well-structured plan, we focus on professional development, student instruction through curriculum modification and family outreach. Thus, we reach out to all our stakeholders.

The Common Sense Ambassador teamed with a group of trainer specialists who are all Common Sense Educators ensure the sanctity of a robust digital environment at school and home. 

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