In compliance with the KHDA’s Directives and Guidelines for Inclusive Education and in conjunction with the Dubai Inclusive Education Policy Framework 2017, we, at GEMS Our Own English High School are strongly committed to ensure equitable access to education to all our Students of Determination, thereby promoting highly inclusive ethos. We welcome and admit students with varied special educational needs and disabilities as long as he/she stands to benefit from his/her engagement in school. It could be both educational and social/life skills. In the rare scenario wherein, the school is not able to enroll a student of determination, we adhere to the KHDA’s non admission notification procedure. Wherever possible, we ensure ‘Sibling priority’ is accorded to all students of determination who choose to study in our school. The safety and security of the Students with Determination as well as the other students is our top priority as far as admission and retention are concerned.

We actively seek to empower and maximize the participation and integration of Students of Determination and work towards removing any barriers and ensuring equal opportunities for our students of determination. In accordance with the Federal Law No (29) of 2006 & Law no (2) of 2014 governing Protection of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in the Emirate of Dubai, we, at Our Own, provide appropriate Graduated Systems of Support and intervention for all students of determination thereby ensuring complete educational and social inclusion.

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