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Getting to know OOD Teachers

“Technology will not replace great teachers, but technology in the hands of great teachers can become transformational” – George Couros

The above statement cannot be truer in this time and age than any other.

At GEMS Our Own Dubai, we firmly believe that it is the quality of the teacher that makes the difference between offering just an adequate education and an exceptional one.  The School houses the best teachers who are experts in their fields and can deliver not only mainstream lessons, but are also trained to deliver meaningful, engaging sessions on the virtual platforms.

We are committed to offering every pupil under our care the highest possible standard of education within a supportive and motivational learning environment. Our faculty embody the ethos of the school, and are focused on providing an optimum experience to our students.

Through a thorough induction programme, regular training, and an on-going professional development programme, we support both our new and experienced educators, ensuring that latest strategies, methods and resources from around the world inform their teaching-learning practices to deliver outstanding lessons.

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