OOD Musical Prodigy

Beulah Ruth Pinto

"How did you start singing?"  "How did you find your voice?" It's a question that every vocalist gets. What people fail to realize is that music is the center of a human being's life. From nursery rhymes to musicals, music has been my home. Ever since my journey at Our Own, Dubai began, I had received exposure to hone my talent in music, more than I thought I could. Most of what I learned as a vocalist has been from the various opportunities I was offered while being a student at GEMS Our Own English High School, Dubai. I was placed in positions where I had to work within a time limit, as a leader and also had to take critical decisions. I learned to maintain a balance between music and my studies and I always had someone to go to if I needed assistance. I learned to handle pressure and also learned to take criticism. I would never know and love music this much if I hadn’t experienced it as I did in Our Own, Dubai. I am honored to know music the way I did here. I wouldn't have it any other way.

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