Arpitha P-tr

Ms. Arpitha Parameswaran

Supervisor - Grade 11

Ms. Arpitha Parameswaran is a passionate Teacher of English, who joined OOD as a senior secondary teacher in 2013. She served as the Head of the Department, English, Senior School and later donned the mantle of the Supervisor - Grade 8 in 2016. In her current role, she and her team are committed to provide high quality learning and deep student engagement.

Arpitha has a Masters in Teaching of English as a Second Language from EFLU (English and Foreign Languages University), Hyderabad and Diploma in Educational Administration and Management. A literary enthusiast, who enjoys performing arts, she loves training students for various Inter-School Competitions. She is also the Moral Education Coordinator of the School and believes that education should prepare one for life, not just for examinations.

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