Farah Hashim

Ms. Farah Hashim

Supervisor - Grade 9

Ms. Farah Hashim’s memorable journey at Our Own began in the year 2007. With a Master’s Degree in English Language and Literature and Bachelor’s in Education, she has successfully carried out multiple roles including that of Assistant Supervisor of Grade 11, Marketing Coordinator, School Champion of Alumni and Summer Camp Coordinator. Her personal values are in perfect alignment with the GEMS core values. A committed educator, she strives to create a positive environment to ensure that the students have the opportunity to thrive both academically and holistically. She possesses an unwavering passion for shaping young learners and has received recognition for training the students for the Tournament of Champions and for being an adjudicator at Yale University, USA.  With her strong interpersonal skills, she aims to work closely with parents and colleagues to build a community of independent and active learners.

Ms. Farah is adept at embracing change and devising appropriate teaching styles to meet the learning needs of the students. She believes in promoting dynamic and futuristic learning experiences that allow students to let their creative energies flow, enabling them to make memories that last a lifetime.



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