Geethika Sharma-tr

Ms. Geetika Sharma

Supervisor - Grade 3

A dedicated and passionate GEMS Educator for more than a decade, Ms. Geetika Sharma is a qualified teacher of Science with a Master’s Degree in Ecology and Environment. She began her career as Biology teacher at Our Own English High School, Boys’ Branch, Sharjah and then moved to GEMS Cambridge International School, Abu Dhabi. She joined OOD in 2017, served as the Assistant Supervisor - Grade 5, prior to taking up the role of Supervisor - Grade 4. She has been recognized as an outstanding teacher, who showcases impressive strategies to inculcate 21st Century learning skills in her students. She has also served as the Coordinator of Science, Sastra Pratibha and Eco Club during her stint at OOD.  

Ms. Geetika endeavours to spark curiosity, critical thinking and innovation amongst her students and colleagues. She strives to continue nurturing an effective partnership with all stakeholders to improve student attainment and teacher performance.

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