Prema Praveen-tr

Ms. Prema Praveen

Supervisor - KG2

After her stint as a passionate KG teacher for 10 years, Ms. Prema Praveen took up the role of Educational Supervisor-KG in 2018. She and her dedicated team of 51 teachers ensure that their smiles, simple gestures of kindness and words of encouragement make a world of difference to every child, nurturing in them a love for learning.

Prema believes that a learning programme that embeds creative and fun activities ensures holistic development through freedom of expression, communication and collaboration. With her positive and gentle approach she establishes an immediate connect and rapport with her little friends. She strives to provide opportunities to all her students to become confident and independent learners. Prema enjoys every moment of her journey in this wonderful world of hearty smiles, oodles of excitement and vibrancy.

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