Shailaja S-tr

Ms. Shailaja Thimothy

Supervisor - Primary Science

Ms Shailaja Thimothy, the Supervisor for Primary – Science has been with OOD for almost a decade now.  In 2014, she was appointed the Head of Department for Science in the Primary and later donned the roles of the Assistant Supervisor – Grade 4, as well as the Supervisor – Grade 2. Compassion and passion are the hallmarks of Ms Shailaja’s work ethic. She was honoured with the ‘Best Teacher’ award in 2014. 

Ms Shailaja believes that innovation and creativity are the driving forces that provide enriching experiences to both teachers and students. She is committed to promoting an ethos of scientific inquiry and innovative practices. She works relentlessly to provide students with avenues for new learning and novel challenges. Ms Shailaja celebrates the progress of her students and teachers as her own achievements.

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