Sheeba Jojo-tr

Dr. Sheeba Jojo

Vice Principal

Dr. Sheeba Jojo is an ‘educational evangelist’ with a vast and diverse repertoire of experience gained over 2 decades. She possesses master’s degrees in education and English Language and Literature. A lover of life-long learning, she recently earned herself a PhD in e-learning methodologies. A proud alumna of OOD, she joined the team as the Assistant Headmistress in 2019 and dons the role of the Vice Principal today.


A passionate educator who likes to inspire the teaching and learning community, Sheeba’s creativity and innovation have lent glory to many an event. She is an eclectic leader, who believes in the virtues of flexibility, open-mindedness and risk-taking to innovate and etch new pathways to success. She spends time on literary pursuits, enjoys travelling & good times with family & friends.

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