Sreeparna C-tr

Ms. Sreeparna Chatterjee

Supervisor - Primary English

Ms. Sreeparna Chatterjee has been a part of GEMS OOD for the past nine years. Prior to taking up the role of the Supervisor for Primary - English, she was the Supervisor for Grade 4. Her love for reading and writing has always inspired her to introduce innovative strategies for learning English to her students and colleagues. She ardently plans interesting activities to promote reading, critical thinking, self-learning and leadership. She has spearheaded several events and activities that have brought accolades to OOD – like, student performance in KGS Inter-School Music Festival, and Harmony – the Grade 4 Cultural Extravaganza. 

Ms. Sreeparna enjoys leading a team of enthusiastic teachers, who work meticulously to bring out the best in students. She taps the potential of her team members and strives for the growth of every member of her team. An enthusiastic artist who enjoys acting, dancing and writing, Ms. Sreeparna is an exemplary role model and exudes energy that is infectious.

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