Susan Marks-tr

Ms. Susan Marks

Head of Middle School

Ms. Susan Marks, Head of Middle School, contends that there is no profession nobler than being an educator and believes, that it is the most rewarding of careers. A senior administrator with over 17 years’ experience, Ms. Susan has enjoyed teaching, supporting and motivating students across the middle and senior school. She derives professional fulfillment from gaining the trust of students and parents because according to her, students and parents do not care how much you know, until they know how much you care. Her greatest accomplishments have been the awards and accolades received by her team of teachers and students for their commitment to excellence.

An M.Phil in English Language and Literature, Susan is an accomplished educationist confident of her expertise as a teacher, coach, curriculum coordinator, theater specialist and as Head of Section leads students and staff into the next decade and beyond.

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