Yamuna Natarajan-tr

Ms. Yamuna Natarajan

Supervisor - Grade 2

Ms. Yamuna, Supervisor for Grade 2 is a team player and an enthusiastic educator, with a strong commitment to student development.  During her 8 years of remarkable service at OOD, Yamuna has designed challenging and enriching activities, to address the diverse interests and learning needs of students and staff. Her indomitable energy prods her on, to relentlessly explore new horizons of learning.  Ms.Yamuna is also a recipient of the ‘Teacher of the month’ award, given in recognition of her excellent practices in teaching. 

Ms. Yamuna’s sound knowledge and understanding of contemporary teaching practices aid her to lead on the CPD programmes at OOD. She is also responsible for keeping active the channels of communication with KHDA and TELLAL for all teacher professional development initiatives. With her positive attitude and zest for life, Ms. Yamuna strives to inspire all.

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